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If you are trying to find a compact disk, locate sheet music, or ask specific questions about Piazzolla, and you have not been able to find what you are looking for on this web site, you should join the Astor Piazzolla Discussion Forum and ask your questions there. We are not a library, we do not have any additional information beyond what is on the web site, and we cannot answer personal requests for information.

Piazzolla.Org History

Piazzolla.Org was created in July 1997 when John Buckman and Cesar Luongo met at Cesar's San Francisco home (John had just moved to the area from Washington DC.), and we decided to combine our efforts (Cesar had created a comprehensive Piazzolla discography web site, and John had a web site reviewing many Piazzolla Recordings, and the 'Astor' discussion forum [created in December 1996]). Though Piazzolla.Com was available at the time, we decided to register Piazzolla.Org instead, to indicate our non-commercial goal of promoting Piazzolla's music (.org is reserved for non-profit organizations).

Piazzolla.Org Credits

Cesar Luongo has been responsible for all the data entry to the Piazzolla reference database (a huge task!), creating the buying sources, books, scores (sheet music sources), New York Plaque web pages, Piazzolla Symposium, and FAQ pages, as well as all the Spanish/English translations throughout Piazzolla.Org.

John Buckman has been responsible for the web server hosting, graphic design and technology issues, as well as creating the content for the recommended recordings, audio, video, news, contact and links pages.

Natalio Gorin organized many outstanding Centro Astor Piazzolla (CAP) lectures, arranged to have the audio recorded, and wrote the text for each audio recording (Pictured: Cesar and Natalio at the 2001 Piazzolla list reunion at Cafe Tortoni, Buenos Aires). As of 2001, Alfredo Gusman (pictured: Cesar, Alfredo, John) has been doing this work.

Jan Hanford designed the Lotus Notes database and graphic design for the Piazzolla reference database.

Mitsumasa Saito has helped a great deal in completing the Piazzolla database, while for consistency, accuracy, and overall information.

The 'Rosario' contingent: Carlos Kuri (photograph: Astor Piazzolla and Carlos Kuri at Piazzolla's Punta del Este home), Jorge Pessinis and Jorge Bustos. Carlos and Jorge started the FAQ and did the Biography section. Carlos also donated his entry paper to the NY Symposium. This photograph shows Jorge Bustos (front left), Natalio Gorin (front center), John Buckman (front center), Jorge Pessinis (rear center) and Sergio Lopez (Sergio is an active participant of the 'Astor' list). Many other people have contributed their efforts to this site, so be sure to check for acknowlements in each section at Piazzolla.Org.

Disclaimer: This is a non-commercial site. The information contained in this site has been collected from several sources and its accuracy cannot be guaranteed. We take no responsiblity for errors and omissions. No copyright has been intentionally violated. If you feel a copyright has been violated please contact us immediately and the material will be removed.

John and Cesar in front of the Astor Piazzolla mural in the Buenos Aires subway system.

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