Orquesta Atipica - "Tango Dogs"
A Piazzolla.Org Featured Recording

Shannon Heaton,
Matthew Heaton,
Dyan Hembrey,
Michael Crane,

You can listen to individual songs below, or listen to the whole CD in low-fi or the whole CD in hi-fi mode. To play a song in real-time streaming mode (the song plays as it downloads), click on the song name or "low-fi", or click on "hi-fi". To download the RealAudio file, rather than play it in streaming mode, click on the small asterisk "*" next to each song. If your sound breaks, try clicking on the asterisk instead of the song title -- that will fix the problem. To hear the music piece, click on the song name or on "low-fi" ("low-fi" means "low fidelity", which is for low speed Internet connections). If you have a high speed Internet connection (ISDN or better), click on the "hi-fi" link for each piece. You will need the free RealAudio 3.0 (or newer) player to listen

This is a self-published CD, and because of this, it is difficult to find in stores. Nonetheless, it is worth the extra effort to purchase this CD by mail, which you can do by contacting Matthew Heaton (the guitarist). You can email him at heatmurp@indra.com or send a $12.00 check to Matthew Heaton, PO Box 4004, Boulder, CO 80306-4004.

Note: Matthew Heaton informs us that in their current formation, the Accordeon player in Orquesta Atipica has been replaced by a bandoneon/cellist and a violinist.

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