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Piazzolla Sites

Adios Nonino Worldwide - 170 versions of Piazzolla's most famous song

Piazzolla Scores - very complete guide to Piazzolla sheet music

Piazzollazzo - a good site about Piazzolla (en Español)

Ricardo y Nicole - fun Tango dancing site, with many wonderful dancing photographs. (castellano, english, deutsch, nederlands)

Short biography of Piazzolla by the Zagreb Guitar Quartet

Libyrinth - Page about Piazzolla's Music and Borges' writings.

Rootsworld talks about Piazzolla

Tatjana Pirovic Art Exhibit - paintings dedicated to Piazzolla's music

Hayri Erenli's Piazzolla Page

Yoshimura's Piazzolla Page

Other Tango Sites

Santa Barbara 2004 Tango Festival - February 6-15, in California

Anibal Troilo - excellent english and Español site about Anibal Troilo, whose group Piazzolla played in

Todo Tango - excellent english and Español tango site

Radio Tango - Internet radio featuring Argentine Tango

Top 100 Tango recordings (English, Francais)

DayLightPix Tango photographs

PARTNER PRODUCTIONS - Paintings of Piazzolla, a Book and a CD.

Milva Online - site dedicated to Milva, the Italian singer who performed frequently with Piazzolla

FM 92.7 - Argentine-based tango radio station with a very fancy Tango web site (en Español)

Argentine Tango friends' Association in Madrid

Codigo Tango - MP3 audio files of Tango music (en Español)

Santa Barbara Tango Festival - Gisele Ben-Dor, Director

Hollywood Tango Festival - an annual event

La Casa del Tango

Tango Reporter - a Spanish-language monthly magazine (en Español)

Cosmo Tango - An Argentine-based Tango Association

Milingueando en el - An Italian-based Tango Association

TangoArgentino.Com - midis, pictures, etc. (may be gone)


Piazzolla.Net - sheet music store specializing in Piazzolla.

Music Imports - very large collection of imported Piazzolla CD. The prices are quite high, but there aren't other sources for many of the things they have

Tonos Online - sheet music publisher and store with a large Piazzolla section.

Tango Store - large selection (140 search hits!) of Piazzolla & tango music.

Yahoo Piazzolla Discography - large list with many sound samples

Horizonte Records - Tango and folk online record store, based in Argentina

Other Internet CD Stores - many links to online stores

Justin Time Records - home of several of Piazzolla's CDs

Rock.Com - online CD store with a large Piazzolla selection

Kuarup Discos - Brazilian record company with 3 Piazzolla CDs


Edition Universelles - publisher of Piazzolla sheet music and CDs

Rounder Records - sells Piazzolla CDs, and has sound samples


Fernando Suarez Paz - Piazzolla's violinist

Quartango - excellent Canadian Tango group recording new compositions

Panterinya - very talented Tango singer (with a wonderful, controlled voice). (English, Español, Deutsch, Catala)

Guitars A Quattro - guitar ensemble (wonderful Piazzolla on Guitar)

Tango Orkestret - danish Tango group with many CDs (mostly Piazzolla compositions)

Duo Lorca - Guitar/Violin Tango group (a beautiful web site)

InTime - Tango Nuevo group (highly recommended, an excellent group!)

Rodolfo Mederos - Bondoneon player, friend and admired by Piazzolla

Cafe Sacre - Guitar/violin duo, with Piazzolla in their reportoire)

Ars Tango Quinteto - Madrid-based Tango group

Quinteto tipico Buenos Aires - Tango ensemble, very fancy web site, good audio samples.

Las Morochas - guitar and flute tango duet (english/espagnol)

San Telmo Lounge - electronica remixes of Piazzolla and other tango music

Pablo Ziegler - Piazzolla's pianist has his own New Tango group

Primavera del Tango - A german tango group

Zum - British based gypsy/tango band, performing lots of Piazzolla

Quintetto accento - Austrian Tango group

Tanguisimo - Paris-based Tango group (en Français)

Sergio Puccini - Argentinian classical guitarist.

Sexteto Canyengue - a tango group from the Netherlands

La Camorra - an Argentine tango group (en Español)

Montreal Guitar Trio - arrangements of south american music (Piazzolla, Gismonti, Morricone)

Astrorico - a Japanese group that plays Piazzolla

El Tranvia - Argentine tango group (Deutsch, English, Español) Also see their video

Tangueros Unidos - Argentine Tango Dancing Troup

Quartetto Barueco - an Italian group that plays Piazzolla (very attractive site in Italian)

Roberto Pugliese - Tango guitarist

Tango Vivo - A Montreal, Quebec tango quartet

Linda Lee Thomas - Canadian Tango pianist

Bordello to Ballrom - Belfast-Ireland-based band and stage show.

Bordello to Ballrom - Belfast-Ireland-based band and stage show.

Las Sombras - Germany-based tango band.

La Tango - Tango vocal ensemble (en Español)

Las Bordonas - Tango Guitar Quartet (en Español)

Meeberg Music - Netherlands-based bands, including "Locura Tanguera", a new Tango Quintet

Tango Piemonto - Italian listing of Tango concerts.

Manny Bobenrieth Ensemble - Washington, DC based tango group.

Benjamin Szvalb - bandoneon player from San Juan, Argentina

Newman & Oltman Guitar Duo - their CD contains a performance of Piazzolla's Tango Suite

Interensemble - Ensemble which recorded Piazzolla's chamber music

Luis Borda - Argentine Tango composer and guitarist

Strictly Tango - San Francisco based tango group

El Conjunto - Tango group from Holland

L`ensemble Montréal Tango

Ethos Quintet - italian tango group

Daniele Di Bonaventura - italian bandoneonist

Norteno - a Canadian Tango group, excellent music but awful home page.

Accordions Worldwide - discusses Piazzolla frequently

Tangonave Trio - Argentine Tango group

Dúo Mario Olivera - Leonel Lúquez - Argentine Tango Duo (en Español)

Uzory - Ukrainian folk band, plays Piazzolla (in Russian and English)

New Tango Orquesta - original new Tango music group

Progetto Piazzolla - an Italian Piazzolla-tango group

Miguel De Caro - Tango Saxophonist

Flor de Tango - San Francisco Bay Area based New Tango music group

Libretango - New Tango group in Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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