New Piazzolla/Vivaldi CD: The Eight Seasons
by Gidon Kremer and Kremerata Baltica

"The globe is round, there are two hemispheres, it doubles the seasons, and you can find your warmth within any season. It just relates to your capacity to be open, and to your capacity to love."
- Gidon Kremer

"The Kremerata Baltica revealed a superb sense of ensemble carved from individual virtuosity."
- The Telegraph (UK)

"Although many artists have tried their hand at interpreting the music of tango master Astor Piazzolla, Kremer was the first, and remains the best. No one has made a more convincing case for the emotional depth of this music."
- The Boston Globe

Although already well-established with audiences and critics throughout the world, violinist Gidon Kremer has achieved a new level of global recognition and sales success - over 500,000 units worldwide - with his recordings of the music of Astor Piazzolla.

His remarkable affinity for the composer is brought to a striking new project that pairs the Argentinian composer's "Four Seasons" with the Vivaldi work of the same name: perhaps the best-known piece of classical music there is. The notion that at any given moment on our planet there exist opposite seasons in each hemisphere - a total of eight throughout the year - is the inspiration for this novel combination of works presented alternately, season by season, on the CD.

Kremer imagined a dialogue between the two composers and what results is an exciting musical interplay. In the Eight Seasons we view the Vivaldi piece through a different lens, with a new context revealing its more daring "modern" aspects, and we hear Piazzolla in a way that underscores his classicism.

The vigorous and fresh performance of the Kremerata Baltica - newly signed to Nonesuch in an exclusive six-record deal -- gives the Vivaldi work a new vitality without compromising its essence, while introducing audiences to Piazzolla's striking, lesser-known, and eminently worthy 20th century composition. Kremerata Baltica will perform the Eight Seasons in major European cities in May 2000, including Paris, Munich and Vienna.

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