Piazzolla as Classical Music

The category tries to cover the various attempts to make Piazzolla "symphonic" or to play him on "non-tango" instruments. Personally, my favorite symphonic performance of Piazzolla is his Concierto para bandoneon.

Unlike Kronos' Five Tango Sensations, "Four for Tango" a single 4 minute piece on the rather mixed Winter Was Hard is a completely "Kronosified" version of Piazzolla. Lots of dissonance, sqeaky violin noises and other Kronos trademarks. It's not bad, but I wouldn't buy the album for it (unless you are a Piazzolla crazy like I am). I really like about 1/2 the pieces on this album, but don't care for the others. I must admit that I've had it with John Zorn (composer of a long piece on this album): he's much better when he's doing Punk, rather than postmodern classical.

Piazzolla's Best Tangos, performed on Piano by Auiles Delle Vigne is fabulous, fabulous, fabulous! Very reminiscent of Chopin.

Also wonderful is David Tanenbaum playing Piazzolla on a CD titled El Porteño.. Released by New Albion records (a wonderful label!) this CD features Piazzolla's 1980 "Cinco Piezas" as well as "El Porteño" A very successful classical guitar rendering of his music.

I'm not sure exactly what to say about Piazzolla's Maria de Buenos Aires. The recording quality is not great, but all the music on this CD is original, and I don't know of any other recordings. I'm not an operat fan, so it doesn't really excite me.

There is a fun cartoon of Piazzolla on the inside sleeve.

Two symphonic versions of Piazzolla that I absolutely do not care for are Symphonic Tango and Piazzolla Classics. In my opinion, both are unnecessarily sappy, and brutalize the subtleties of the compositions.

Symphony playing Piazzolla