Piazzolla Live, previously released material

Concerts of pre-released material

The Central Park Concert, released by Chesky Records, is probably Piazzolla's best-sounding live recording. The inner sleave makes claims that this was an incredibly inspired performance. For me, it comes in a close second to Tristezas de un Doble A, though the sound quality of The Central Park Concert is slightly superior.

Tristezas de un Doble A is my favorite recording of a Piazzolla concert. The sound quality is fairly good, and the performance is excellent.

The Lausanne Concert is another recording of the "best of" Piazzolla. Good sound quality, solid performance. It is released on the Milan label and available in the USA through BMG music.

The Vienna Concert features Piazzolla playing with his trusty quintet. A very good recording and an above average performance. Regarded by many as an important recording.