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 Centro Astor Piazzolla de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires
 Charla con / Interview with Copes
 Charla con / Interview with Sabat
 Charla con / Interview with Ferrer
 Charla con / Interview with Malvicino & Bajour
 Charla con / Interview with Bernardo Neustadt & Leopoldo Federico

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 Featured recording: Hiromi Uekusa

 Astor Piazzolla: An interview

 Piazzolla en el CENSA/Piazzolla at the CENSA

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 Piazzolla's 80th Anniversary
 News: New Piazzolla/Vivaldi CD: The Eight Seasons by Gidon Kremer and Kremerata Baltica
 News: Pablo Ziegler will offer a series of concerts
 News: Piazzolla Plaque to be installed in New York City
 News: Piazzolla Special Radio Program and Piazzolla.Org Appearance
 News: Piazzolla's The Rough Dancer and the Cyclical Night Re-Released

 Almuerzo (11/3/2000)/Lunch (3/11/2000)
 Carlos Kuri: Agny of a genre and power in the name (a presentation)
 Carlos Kuri: Agonia del genero y potencia del nombre (estetica Piazzolliana)
 Charla de Kuri - Clase de Ziegler/Kuri's Presentation - Ziegler's Lecture
 CUNY Symposium on Piazzolla: Abstracts
 Homenaje en Nueva York/Hommage in New York
 Simposio en CUNY/CUNY Symposium

 Astor Piazzolla: Opinions

 Astor Piazzolla Listening Booth
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