Piazzolla on Other Audio Media (not CD)

Piazzolla on Other Audio Media (not CD)

This page will (eventually) contain music by Piazzolla (either himself or in interpretation by others) that is not yet available on CD. For instance, music that was originally issued on vynil LPs or cassette but has not been re-issued on CD. Also, other media such as CD-ROM.

Last updated March 28, 1998

Piazzolla on CD-ROM

Piazzolla recordings in New York City 1958-1959 not edited in CD (Thanks Mitsumasa Saito for the information)

The Di Mara Sisters (with Astor Piazola(sic) & His Orchestra)
"Memorie de Roma" (Roulette R 25096,1958,USA)
Arranged and conducted all 12 songs.

Fernando Lamas
"With love" (Roulette R 25041,1958,USA)
Arranged (and maybe conducted) 2 songs.

Machito and his Orchestra
"Irving Berlin in Latin America" (Tico LP 1062,1959,USA)
Arranged and play bandoneon 2 songs.

"A night out" (Tico LP 1074,1959?,USA)
Arranged and play bandoneon 1 song.

Pete Terrace and his Orchestra
"Cole Porter in Latin America" (Tico LP 1063,1959,USA)
Arranged 3 or 4 songs.

Trio los Bandidos
"Los Bandidos at el Toro" (Tico LP 1067,1959,USA)
Played bandoneon 8 songs (maybe arranged 2 songs that he played)

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