Piazzolla on CD-ROM

Un Siglo de Tango! - Enciclopedia Interactiva de Tango, en CD-ROM (Sierra 3, 1995, Argentina)

The first CD-ROM devoted entirely to Tango. Superbly produced and researched, it contains extensive information about Tango, including 300 tango lyrics, 15 video clips, 27 songs, 50 biographies (including Piazzolla), and a Lunfardo (slang) dictionary with 2700 terms (all text is in Spanish). Both tango history and musical form are covered here. The CD-ROM is beautifully packaged (in a box with a cardboard bandoneon) and can be enjoyed by both those looking at Tango as a dance (it includes dance lessons) or as music to listen and appreciate.

The CD-ROM contains a biography of Piazzolla as well as more than 30 references about Piazzolla's influence on the development of modern tango. Each song featured is matched with a picture and a brief history of the composition. Four Piazzolla compositions are featured here: Adios Nonino (the early version), Balada para un Loco (with Amelita Baltar), Contrabajeando (with Troilo), and Libertango. It also contains two beautiful video clips which include Piazzolla. On the first one we hear Astor talk about his music followed by a video capturing the soul of Buenos Aires with Libertango on the background. On the second video clip Piazzolla and Agri play in concert (1975) a very nice rendition of Años de Soledad. There is also a video clip of Jose Gobello talking about Piazzolla and his music.

Overall, a true jewel for Piazzolla and tango lovers.

For more information on hardware requirements and availability, contact Guillermo Feder.

A sample screen from the Tango CD-ROM