Piazzolla CD Compilation: Credits


This compilation started as an inventory of my Piazzolla CD collection. However, with time, it evolved into a collective effort to archive the complete works of Piazzolla and his many disciples and followers around the world. I want to stress the collective nature of this compilation of which I am now merely an administrator. It has been one of the most gratifying experiences of my life to see the outpouring of passion and love towards Piazzolla's music coming from all around the world. Many countries are represented in this compilation, and your contributions have arrived from Argentina, Uruguay, Japan, the US, Canada, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, France, Turkey, Brazil, and The Netherlands, and this is a testament to both the universal values of Piazzolla's music, and the power of the Internet in the construction of a 'global village'.

I would like to thank you all collectively and individually for your help: Anibal Cravchik, Mitsumasa Saito, Hayri Erenli, Alexia Aguirre de Lima, Adolfo Melian, Fumihide Fukuoka, Truls Waagø, Salvo Marcuccio, Ruud Waij, Arttu Kataja, Jörgen Åström, Yoshimura Shunji, Jorge Pessinis and the Grupo Piazzolla in Rosario-Argentina especially Carlos Kuri, Natalio Gorin, Douglas Cumming, Joel Franco, Ruby Casareno,Takeshi Sugiyama, Matt Heaton, Carlos Rodriguez, and Michael O'Brien; and to the very many of you that have visited this page and contacted me to lend support.

A very special "thank you" to John Buckman for supporting this effort through piazzolla.org, and to Jan Hanford for her magnificent work with the database.

César A. Luongo

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