This section collects the works of Astor Piazzolla on a variety of media including CD, film, scores, etc. The intent is to assemble a comprehensive reference that will hopefully prove useful to followers of Astor's legacy. The information contained here has been compiled with the invaluable help of many people around the world, all of whom deserve credit in this labor of love.

César A. Luongo

The Piazzolla Database/Base de Datos

Piazzolla CD Compilation (previous format)/Compilacion de CDs (formato anterior)

Piazzolla discography by Mitsumasa Saito/Discografia de Piazzolla por Mitsumasa Saito

Piazzolla discography by Natalio Gorin (from upcoming edition of his book)/Discografia de Piazzolla por Natalio Gorin (parte de la proxima edicion de su libro)

Piazzolla and the Movies (all his soundtracks and associations with films)/Piazzolla en Peliculas

Books about Astor Piazzolla's life and legacy/Libros sobre Piazzolla

Where to find Piazzolla CDs on the web/Donde encontrar CDs de Piazzolla en Internet

Piazzolla sheet music (scores/partitures) and lyrics/Partituras

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)/Preguntas Mas Frecuentes

New Tango Groups and Musicians/Grupos y Musicos de Nuevo Tango

Piazzolla on other audio media (not yet available on CD)/Piazzolla en otros medios (No CD)

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