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Many of you have contacted me to ask where to find sheet music (scores) of Piazzolla's compositions. I am not a musician, and I play no instruments, so I am very ignorant as of where and how to obtain sheet music in general, Piazzolla in particular. But here is my attempt at helping out and expand the discography with some information for you musicians trying to carry on the flame of Astor's music. If you have information to help others in finding Piazzolla's scores, please let me know and I will include it here. I am not affiliated with any of these sources, and there is no commercial interest on my part whatsoever, I am just trying to help.

Last updated October 4, 2005

Noritake Yonezawa manintains an EXCELLENT compilation of published Piazzolla partitures at http://www.yonezawa.com/piazzolla/scores.htm

Alma Inc. is the US distributor/representative of Warner/Chappell Music - Argentina, Editorial Lagos, and Ricordi Americana. They carry an extensive catalog of Piazzolla partitures as well as music from other Latin American composers and musicians. They can be contacted by phone, fax, and e-mail:

11020 Huebner Oaks, No. 112
San Antonio, TX 78230
PH: (210) 877-0084
Toll-Free: (888) 275-ALMA (orders and catalog requests)
FAX: (210) 699-0215
E-MAIL: mail@alma-usa.com
Website: http://www.alma-usa.com/

Editions Universelles in Paris, France, has many scores by Piazzolla from the 50s (his Paris period). They can be ordered by Internet.

The sub-publisher of Piazzolla sheet music and distributor in Germany is:

TONOS Musikverlags GmbH
Holzhofallee 15
D-64295 Darmstadt
Tel.: +49 6151 3904-0
Fax: +49 6151 3904-90
email: mail@tonos-online.de
web: http://www.tonos-online.de/

There is a very complete online catalog with plenty of Piazzolla score from many sources at (search by composer, P > Piazzolla):

Broekmans & VanPoppel B.V.
web: http://www.broekmans.com/

Another very complete online source::


The rights to many of Piazzolla's works belong to Editorial Lagos/Warner Chappell, which can be contacted at:

Editorial LAGOS SRL/Warner Chappell
Cordoba 1351 (2do)
1372  Buenos Aires
Telefax: +(54-11)-48159904/+(54-11)-48160734
e-mail: alicia.lagos@warnerchappell.com
web: http://www.editoriallagos.com/

The publisher of much of Piazzolla's work during the 70s was A. Pagani. They can be contacted at a_pagani@writeme.com

Or, by other means:
A. Pagani s.r.l. Edizioni Musicali
TEL.+(39) 031 553254
FAX +(39) 031 553249
Web page coming soon

Alternatively, other contact for the partitures of this period is:
Edizioni Curci
Galleria del Corso

Scores for Piazzolla compositions can be purchased online through http://www.piazzolla.net/. (www.piazzolla.org is in no way affiliated with this vendor)

There is a very complete set of Piazzolla sheet music listed at http://www.musica-argentina.com. Essentially most arrangements published or re-issued in Argentina can be purchased online through this site (as well as other tango sheet music)

Musicastampata is a newly established online printed music store located in Viterbo, Italy. We have the finest selection of sheet music and books. Our catalog includes more than 400,000 titles from European and American publishers. We carry in-stock a large selection of Piazzolla works from Curci and Tonos at great prices. For more information, please visit us at www.musicastampata.com

Some references to Piazzolla sheet music can be found by searching http://www.net4music.com/, and their partner Partitor.

The Tango/Bandoneon Sheet Music (Scores) Resource Page by Christian Mensig (great compilation)

Not partitures, but the lyrics to many of Piazzolla's compositions (some by Eladia Blasquez and many by Horacio Ferrer including many never recorded by Piazzolla) can be found at the Tango Lyrics Home Page maintained by Dr. Luis Mandel (Gracias!)

Transcripts of Piazzolla for guitar were published in a 3-part series in Classical Guitar (September, October, and November 1997). back issues of Classical Guitar can be ordered from Ashley Mark Publishing Co., 1 & 2 Vance Court, Trans Britannia Enterprise Park, Blaydon on Tyne, NE21 5NH, United Kingdom (tel. +(44)-191-4149000, fax +(44)-191-4149001), or by email at mail@ashleymark.co.uk

Edizioni Musicali Bèrben has published some Piazzolla compositions for guitar (e.g., Tango Suite, etc.). They do not have a web page, but http://www.planet.it/root/jcg/edition.htm does give this address:

Edizioni Bèrben
Via Redipuglia 65
60122 Ancona, Italy

Transcripts/Arrangements of Piazzolla for guitar can be found at:

Guitar Solo Publications
1401 Clement Street
San Francisco, CA 94118
phone: +(415)-896-1144
fax: +(415)-896-1155

Chanterelle has published the following pieces for guitar solo: Verano Porteño, Primavera Porteña, Milonga del Angel, and Muerte del Angel, in arrangements by Baltazar Benitez ("Astor Piazzolla, Four Pieces", ISBN 3-89044-049-5). The publisher can be contacted at:

Chanterelle Verlag
Postfach 103909
D-69029, Heidelberg
phone: +(49)-6221-891231
fax: +(49)-6221-800369

Musik Hug
Limmatquai 28-30
CH-8022 Zurich
phone: 41-1-251-6850
fax: 41-1-262-2895

They have quite a few Piazzolla scores in stock and can mail order just about anything that is in print in Europe.

Muller & Schade AG
Postfach 715
3000 Bern 7
Kramgasse 50
3011 Bern
phone: 41-31-320-2626
fax: 41-31-320-2627

They are a smaller store and do not have Piazzolla sheet music in stock, but can mail order just about anything.

Haus der Musik Joachim Trekel
Willerstwiete 17, 22415 Hamburg
Postfach 420628, 22404 Hamburg
Tel.: +49/40/5203397 - Fax.: +49/40/5207824
web: www.trekel.de
e-mail: info@trekel.de

They specialize in guitar sheet music and carry all of Piazzolla's guitar works in stock, they also stock many other Piazzolla scores and arrangements for other instruments.

Tropical Music has published some transcriptions of Piazzolla's music. They can be contacted at:
Tropical Music
Reitgasse 10
35037 Marburg
Postfach 2230
35010 Marburg

tel.: +(49)-6421-26333
fax: +(49)-6421-21791

Piazzolla's flute music sheet, Tango Etudes (flute alone) and History of Tango (flute and guitar) are available from Editions Henry Lemoine, 41 rue Bayen, 75017 Paris - France. If you are in the U.S., you can simply place an order at a music sheet shop. Editions Lemoine also has a web page at http://www.editions-lemoine.fr/, or by e-mail: info@editions-lemoine.fr

Some Piazzolla partitures are available for download from todotango.com.ar, look under library/sheet music and then under the author index you will find a few Piazzolla compositions

Pascal Martel has made numerous arrangements of Piazzolla for quintet, duo, other instruments, etc.. Some of these arrangements have been made for publication, others are for personal use only. Pascal is not only a musician and musicologist, but also a writer and translator (French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Greek). If interested in some of his arrangements, or would like to inquire about his arrangement/transcription services, please contact him at:

Le Bas Adrech
10 bis Avenue des Serres
04100 Manosque
e-mail: martelpa@wanadoo.fr.

Francesco Venerucci is a composer and arranger from Rome, Italy. He has written numerous arrangements of Piazzolla compositions, including some for saxophone quartet (see http://www.danishsax.dk/). These are some of his arrangements:

For saxophone quartet:

Adios Nonino
Michelangelo 70
Prologue (Tango Apasionado)
Pulsacion 2
Knife fight
Milonga Picaresque
Leonora's Love theme
Finale (Tango Apasionado)

For string quartet & piano:

Concierto para quinteto

For string quartet, contrabass, piano & sax soprano:

Concierto Para Quinteto
Adios Nonino

For string quartet, french horn, bassoon, sax soprano:


For saxophone quartet, piano (+ 2 Percussionist):

Concierto para quinteto

He can be contacted at:

Francesco Venerucci
Via Cardinale Garampi 139
tel/fax +39 066149295

Riccardo Distasi has arranged Libertango for saxophone quartet (SATB or AATB), you can contact him at jazzband@operamail.com.
The arrangement can be previewd at:
http://distasi.cjb.net/rdworkse.html (English)
http://distasi.cjb.net/rdworksi.html (Italian)
http://distasi.cjb.net/rdworksj.html (Japanese)

Will Taylor has arranged Deus Xango for orchestra, this arrangement can be downloaded free from http://sheetmusiconline.net/.

Daniel Hamuy has arranged many Piazzolla compositions for piano and saxofon, or for saxofon quartet, Daniel can be contacted at danielh@powerkeys.com

Peter Di Bono has arranged "Chiquilin de Bachin" for accordion, to obtain this arrangement you can contact Peter at pdibono@aol.com

Tablatures (not sheet music) can be found here:
Adios Nonino
Milonga del Angel
Verano Porteño

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