Astor Piazzolla et Compagnie

Tracks: Estamos Listos (Burli)
Nonino (int. Rodolfo Nerone)
Clara bien milonga (Spitalnick) (int. Rodolfo Nerone)
Sens Unique
Mi Buenos Aires querido (Gardel) (int. Ernesto Rondo)
Por mi cabeza (sic) (Gardel) (int. Ernesto Rondo)
Mi Tentacion (Chiloe/Moranes)
Celestino Ferrer (Nerone) (int. Rodolfo Nerone)
Astorpia (Nussoti) (int. Rodolfo Nerone)
Luz y Sombra
Volver (Libersel/Desbois) (int. Ernesto Rondo)
Cuesta Abajo (Gardel/Lepera) (int. Ernesto Rondo)
Chau Paris
Tzigane Tango
All compositions by Astor Piazzolla except where noted.
Group: Various
Label: Vogue
Country: France
Catalog number: VG 671 670086
Media: CD
Year of release: 1988
Studio or Live: Studio
Year of performance: 1955
Description: This CD collects part of Piazzolla's production while in paris in 1955. It also contains other contemporary musicians.
Style: Piazzolla in Paris (1955)
  • Interpreter is A. Piazzolla unless where noted

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