Finally Together - Vol 1: Astor Piazzolla and the New Tango Sextet

Tracks: Buenos Aires Hora Cero
Tanguedia III
Milonga del Angel
La Camorra III
Preludio y fuga
Sextet (as Sex-tet)
Adios Nonino/La Yumba (Piazzolla/Pugliese)

All compositions by Astor Piazzolla except where noted.

Group: Piazzolla, Astor
Musicians: Piazzolla (Astor) - bandoneon
Binelli (Daniel) - bandoneon
Gandini (Gerardo) - piano
Malvicino (Horacio) - guitar
Bragato (Jose) - violoncello
Console (Hector) - bass
Label: Lucho Records
Country: The Netherlands
Catalog number: 7704-2
Media: CD
Year of release: 1994
Studio or Live: Live
Year of performance: 1989
Style: The Sextet (1989-1991)
Comments: Recorded live at Carre, Amsterdam in 1989 (Thanks to Ruud Waij). A joint concert by Piazzolla's sextet and O. Pugliese's orchestra. In fact the record came out under both names. Vol. 1 is Piazzolla, Vol. 2 is O. Pugliese (Lucho 7705-2). There is one numbre, a joint rendituion of Adios Nonino and La Yumba where both groups play together (the songs are included at the end of both CD volumens). In this number the Orquesta Tipica: O. Pugliese: piano, R. Alvarez, A. Prevignano, F. Lapinta, and H. del Curto: bandoneon, P. Villarejo: violoncello, M. Brain: viola, F. Rodriguez, D. Lerendegui, and G. Rivas: violin, A. Tolosa: bass.
The Piazzolla volume of this 2-CD set was reissued in the US as "Luna" (I.R.S. Records, 7243 8 35595 2 7, 1995?, USA)