Hommage a Astor Piazzolla

Tracks: S.V.P. (by Yvette Horner)
Nonino (by Louis Corchia)
Adios Nonino (by Jacky Noguez)
Tanguango (by Maurice Larcange)
Pigmalion (by Jo Privat)
Tzigane Tango (by Dominique Emorine)
La Misma Pena (Bonsoir) (by Armand Lassangne)
Bando (by Jo Moutet)
Preparense (by Charles Verstraete)
Plus Ultra (by Stephane Courtot-Renoux)
Chau Paris (by Marcel Azzolla)
Fievre (Fiebre de Tango) (by Alain Musichini)
J'attends (Se fue sin decirme adios) (by Myriam Lafargue)
Contrabajeando (by Mosalini-Beytelman-Caratini)
Luz y Sombra (Lumiere et Ombre) (by Jean-Robert Chappelet)
Saint Louis en l'Ile (by Bruno Lorenzini)
All compositions by Astor Piazzolla except where noted.
Group: Various
Musicians: Calo (Osvaldo) - piano
Mosalini (Juan Junior) - bandoneon
Raponi (Leonard) - bass
Laffont (Eric) - drums
Koulaksezian (Setrag) - strings
Tcheurekdjian(Jean-Claude) - strings
Bobesco (Constantin) - strings
Label: Sono Punch Records/Editions Universelles
Country: France
Catalog number: EU1038
Media: CD
Year of release: 1995
Studio or Live: Studio
Year of performance: 1995
Style: Piazzolla on Bandoneon or Accordion (solo; duo; etc.)
Comments: This compilation collects compositions published by Piazzolla during his stay in Paris (some from 1955 and others composed even earlier). They are done here in accordion by the artists listed above (with group arrangements). These compositions have been recently re-published (see the Sheet Music Section), however some of them had never been recorded before (not even by Piazzolla). This CD is then an important work of rescue.
The list of musicians is the permanent back-up group for all the tracks (except 11, 14, 16), the fronting accordion players are listed next to each song.