Maria de Buenos Aires

Tracks: Scene 1 - Elevation
Scene 2 - Maria's theme
Scene 3 - Tito's theme
Scene 4 - Ballas for a crazy little organ
Scene 5 - Milonga of the Annunciation
Scene 7 - Fugue and Mystery
Scene 9 - Valseado poem
Scene 11 - Mob misery
Scene 12 - The funeral contramilonga
Scene 16 - The circus of analysts
Scene 17 - Fugue and Mystery
Scene 18 - At the magic bar
Scene 21 - Elevation II
Scene 22 - The final Alleluia

All compositions by Astor Piazzolla except where noted.

Group: Piazzolla, Astor
Musicians: Contino (Rita) - voice (as Maria)
Marconi (Nestor) - bandoneon
Label: BMG/Milan
Country: USA
Catalog number: 7313835602-2
Media: CD
Year of release: 1990
Studio or Live: Live
Year of performance:
Style: Piazzolla/Ferrer and Other Works with Singers (1963-1972 and later)
Comments: Even though the CD was issued under the name of Astor Piazzolla, this production is different from the original Operita-Tango.
This CD contains excerpts from a stage production of Maria de Buenos Aires done at Theatre Municipale de Tourcoing in November 1987 which also included special choreography by Juan Carlos Copes. In addition to Marconi on bandoneon the orchestra included about 30 musicians and 7 singers, plus 8 dancers.
The names of the songs were altered from the original compositions by Piazzolla/Ferrer and although they correspond to the original Opera are not catalogued here.