Tracks: All compositions by Astor Piazzolla except where noted.
Group: Piazzolla, Astor
Label: ans records
Country: USA
Catalog number: ANS 42004-2
Media: CD
Year of release: 1994
Studio or Live: Live
Year of performance:
Style: The Quintet (First Incarnation) (1960-1970), The Nonet and the 'Italian' Period (1972-1978), The Quintet (Second Incarnation) (1979-1991)
Comments: This is a 4-CD set reissue (under AAA Pagani license) of a number of records available under many different titles and record labels. ans records published this as a 4-CD box, but also as separate CDs. They are:

Vol. 1 - Fuga y Misterio
This is the nonet recorded live in Rome in 1972 (many reissues exist). This record contains the concert in its entirety including the nonet version of Adios Nonino

Vol. 2 - Otoño Porteño
This is a selection of studio recordings taken from the 1969 LP "Adios Nonino" plus instrumental pieces from "Maria de Buenos Aires" (1968)

Vol. 3 - Biyuya
This is a live recording of the quintet (second incarnation) in Milano (1984). It has been reissued under different names (Milonga del Angel, etc.)

Vol. 4 - Balada para un loco
This is a live recording of the Conjunto Electronico in Buenos Aires (at 'La Ciudad', 1976). It has been reissued under many different names (Libertango, Desde Argentina, etc.)