Morire en Buenos Aires - Vida y Obra

Tracks: Balada para un loco (Piazzolla/Ferrer)
Chiquilin de bachin (Piazzolla/Ferrer)
Fabula para Gardel (Ferrer)
La bicicleta blanca (Piazzolla/Ferrer)
Viva el tango! (Garello/Ferrer)
Sera que estoy llorando (Piazzolla/Ferrer)
Se rechiflo el colectivo (Tarantino/Ferrer)
El diablo (Piazzolla/Ferrer)
El dia de Santa Guitarrita (Salgan/Ferrer)
La loca de la plaza (Daniel Piazzolla/Ferrer)
Woody Allen (Garello/Ferrer)
Balada para mi muerte (Piazzolla/Ferrer)
Naci en el Rio de la Plata (Daniel Piazzolla/Ferrer)
Soy un circo (Stamponi/Ferrer)
Yo, Napoleon (Garello/Ferrer)
Existir (Piazzolla/Ferrer)
Lili (Kaper/Deutch)
La guita (Garello/Ferrer)

All compositions by Astor Piazzolla except where noted.

Group: Ferrer, Horacio
Musicians: Ferrer (Horacio) - voice
Label: Melopea
Country: Argentina
Catalog number: CDMSE 5031
Media: CD
Year of release: 1992
Studio or Live: Studio
Year of performance:
Style: Piazzolla/Ferrer and Other Works with Singers (1963-1972 and later)
Comments: This is a compilation of poetry by Horacio Ferrer, read by him, both in studio and live recordings and spanning the 1983-1992 period. It contains some classic Piazzolla-Ferrer works as well as others that had not been recorded before.